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Old Pier

I help amazing people find peace and
connect with the divine part in them
to create a magnificent life

Edith Wolf runs a transitional leadership consultancy for people
who want to reach the impossible.  Based in Canada and United States.


Most people who wants to change something in their life assume they don’t need a coach – Like most of my clients. What you need is a Powerful Coach.


My clients include people from all walks of life who have achieved different levels of success.

I have different kind of degrees in Addictions, Abuses, Suicide help, Human Ressources, Computer Science, Homeopathic Medicine, Sports Performance, and Nutrition. 

I grew up in an environment of extreme violence, abuse and child sex trafficking. I have experience all of them with the complicity of both of my parents.  


I overcoming all my challenges that kept me from achieving happiness, joy, success and the freedom to create everything I want to experience in life.

I also lived and worked in different countries and offering my services in English and French. 

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