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Your best self and life
is waiting ...

My work with you is not to trade talk time for a certain amount of money. You are not paying me for the time we spend together, you are paying for the value of the insights in each of our conversations and the results you will produce with what you get through my advice and teachings. It is all about seeing you happy and living your dreams.

Understand your suffering, control your emotions, and

healing your wounds will awaken you to a life that is independent, unique, authentic and full of possibilities.

Even if you have been suffering for a very long time.


Edith will guide you inside and show you how unconditional love is one of the important keys to happiness, joy and access the unlimited 

What people and organizations in the self-help field usually don't tell you about and don't help you to understand.

Video call

Premium Coaching
2 spots a year

Premium price for Premium service.

Every month-  personalized on-demand health include everything from You can always make another dollar but you can never make another minute. Everything is based on your needs

Online Class

8-12 weeks Coaching Program$800/$999

Private sessions following a questionnaire and a 24/7 access to me by email.


Coaching 1:1

One private hour with me following a questionnaire to have a full valuable session.  The session are between 1h30 to 2 hours.


Online Classes/Yearly access$299-6months/$350 yearly

Access to online classes, training courses, special events, and the monthly live conversation with a free coaching session

Outdoor Swing Chairs

Free Coaching Session
Free Beginner's Guide

Free Coaching session and one free month for a live conversation

Reading with Coffee


Live Conversation

Every month, I carves out an hour to connect with members to answer questions Live every last  of the month

5 programs:

1- The ? step to become a master

2- Love unconditonally

3- Let go of trauma and suffering

4- The power of words

5-Awareness and Consciousness

6- Votre moi

7- La vie

8-La peur


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