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The quality of your relationships with yourself determines the quality of your lives.

Begin Your Journey Today

Discover How Magical life Can Be

Begins your success with the Path of Self Love

Ready to Engage in an Amazing Experience


I help amazing people on their self-growth journey.  Discover their unique master within to create a magnificent life.

It is a work on your being. It is a space to create positive changes, growth, see and feel how powerful you are.

This is a moment of massive insight.
You pay me for the insights and results not for my time!

The Power is in You

For the ones who are ready for a deep and challenging deep coaching
I am offering you to experience my work before making any decision
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What They are Saying...

" I always look forward to my conversations with Edith. She can strike a unique balance between attentive listening and sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly identifies the crux of a situation and never fails to leave me with helpful insights, opinions, or questions to ponder. WIth all of her life experiences I see how much she can understand any person with any kind of trauma "

- Mike Williams

"Her intuition is very sharp and accurate. She gives me the opportunity to re-examine my life path. When I finish one of my sessions, I always leave satisfied and with an improved state of mind in managing challenges and pursuing goals. She helped me to change my outlook on life. After working with many therapists, I found someone who is making me make the biggest changes of my life."

- Michelle Dion

“Edith is a powerful force of energy, she also knows how to guide us, bring us back to the present moment and make us aware of who we are inside, in addition to informing us about optimizing our health. She is the mentor you need if you want to become more authentic with yourself and with others, want to understand your creative process and achieve your goals in Joy rather than in pain and suffering. She is also the best mentor to understand your suffering and abuse given her experiences and awareness."

- Sarratha Deshmukh,

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