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The quality of your relationships with yourself determines the quality of your lives.

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Discovering How Life Can Be Magical -Everything is Energy

Good Lotus provides a powerful platform where individuals can explore their potential and discover the depths of their self-growth journey. Through awareness, insights, and a space of creation, Good Lotus will empower individuals to unlock the power of unconditional love and the master within.


Edith is a speaker, coach, author, and a survivor of severe trauma, child abuse, serious unconscious subconscious programming and sexual child trafficking.


Today, having integrated her own life experiences and having developed an unconditional love for herself and for life, she wishes to inspire millions of people around the world towards the authenticity of what life in itself is. , freedom, joy, and love.

To expand consciousness in oneself to understand the process of creation to manifest one's deepest desires.

She already help amazing people on their self-growth journey. to discover their unique master within to create magnificent life.

It is a work on your being. It is a space to create positive changes, growth, see and feel how powerful you are.

This is a moment of massive insight and results, this is why you pay me, for the insights and results not to simply spend time with me. 

Understand the reason of your suffering and heal those wounds and awaken to an empowered authentic life and even if you have been stuck in pain for years.

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